Come and experience the native Australian bush like never before as you climb, weave and fly through the tree tops on the Park’s centrepiece attraction; the High Ropes course. The thrill and freedom of defying gravity on our elevated tightropes, cargo nets, bridges and rope ladders, before soaring to the ground on the epic 50 metre flying fox.

First constructed at Kerem Adventure Camp in the 1980’s, the High Ropes course has been re-engineered and combined with the restored course that previously stood at The Great Escape Hillarys.

In operation for over a decade as one of the most iconic attractions in Perth’s Northern suburbs, Guests can now enjoy one of WA’s best ropes courses as they manoeuvre through the varying and complex elements high up amongst spectacular Australian native trees.


Our Low Ropes Course is made up of 14 fun, challenging elements, suitable for Guests of all ages. Working together, participants are encouraged to extend their limits by completing the course without touching the ground, achieving their fastest time in our Speed Challenge and undertaking our Agility Trial.

Participants are required to wear a helmet for safety and are protected at all times by peers who accompany them around the course.
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The 8.5 metre Climbing Wall is fantastic for kids, teenagers and adults, catering to all skill levels. It’s realistic surface and multiple climbing routes make it enjoyable for experienced climbers and a great introduction to climbing for those at a beginner level. Be the first of your friends to hit the buzzer at the top and then enjoy the thrill of repelling back to the ground.

This is a fully supervised and safe attraction, using climbing specific safety harnesses and an advanced hydraulic system that supports each climber for a controlled descent down the rock face.

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Aspire to navigate each level, reach the top and take in one of the best views in the Swan Valley! The Web Crawler features a series of criss-crossed elastics that span the 10.5 metre high tower. This is a climbing activity that’s both physically challenging and plenty of fun for primary school Guests.

Ask the Team at Kerem Adventure Camp about the discounted water-based activities school groups can do at the same time; Water Totem, Pipe Works and more!


There is no need for helmets or harnesses with this attraction, although adult supervision is required at all times. This attraction at The Climb Zone, is for kids only.

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